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A rich first novel which perhaps most authors could only write as their last… I am really impressed. I bought your book and in the evening it was finished. In one word, it is magnificent. It’s a wonderful blend of many philosophies from different cultures. Since then, many of my friends have also read your book and The Missing Rose still hasn’t come back to me. In fact, some of them have bought copies of it to put into their libraries. In the middle of the night I received one sms message from a friend of mine, saying that she has just finished the book and wanted to share her feelings with me. (At different times of the day, I received other messages and I think they will continue to come.) She thanked me for giving her the book. I would like to thank you for putting together such a treasure and sharing it with us. I.C.
It took me two, or maybe three hours to read, then it was over and I returned to the beginning to read it again… R.S.
I finished it all at once (3 hours). Books which I can finish so quickly are very rare. It is an extremely absorbing as well as an interesting story, after 15 or 20 pages you can’t put the book down, in fact, because of the book, my husband had to eat pizza and my son had to drink canned soup. O.I.
It gives me hope -and I’m sure to everyone who reads it. A.A.
The subject matter greatly touched me, and sometimes made me cry. You surprised me with such an unexpected ending. In a world where people resist to enter the rose garden and block their ears to the voice of the roses, to know people such as yourself exist makes me feel that I should not be pessimistic toward life. F.Y.
As someone who had the privilege of reading The Missing Rose, I thank your heart. I.O.
As I turned the pages, I felt that I was taking a journey to the depths of myself. The more I read the more I was engaged in self-evaluation... Many questions began to form in my mind. Toward the end, I realized how close I was to philosophy when I thought I was very distant from it. I finished the book at 4:00 am yesterday. I underlined some parts and I read certain pages twice… When the book was over, I felt the same pleasure of eating my favorite food after so many years, but felt sad because it was so little. I want to congratulate you. I will wait for your other books. S.A.
At the bookstore my hands met with the book which would bring the fading rose in me to life. I have just finished your book, but I’m sure it will awaken many more feelings in me as I read it over and over again. As I read it, I found many answers to the questions I’ve been battling with. The words were sometimes my tears, sometimes they were rose scent… S.K.
While reading your book I really “felt”. Endless imagination and extremely realistic observations. M.K.
I bought it in the morning, began to read it in the afternoon and it was finished at night. Z.D.
I read your book, The Missing Rose, in a flash. It is very absorbing and impressive. You’ve managed to reconcile the natural with the supernatural in such perfect harmony. M.A.
I am really intrigued to know what inspired you to write this book. Have you yourself heard the voice of roses? It made me very excited to come across someone who thinks abstractly as I do and to find it in a book. M.A.
All I can feel toward the author who wrote such a beautiful book is anger –since he has left nothing for me to write- and jealousy. G.B.
Up to this day, I have never read or heard of such an interesting book. My sister had read the book and recommended it to me, she especially kept praising the ending. I started reading it and finished it on the third day; I would have finished it much earlier if I had not had exams. I am very intrigued how you came up with such an unusual story. The ending was especially excellent. I thank you very very very much for writing such a wonderful book. T.C.
When I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop before finishing it. N.C.
I read it with great pleasure without giving any break. As soon as it was over I gave it to my sister and she finished it on the same evening. One word is enough to describe it: Wonderful. Incredibly absorbing, its philosophy and its message are very meaningful. I was really excited. B.S.
Upon my recommendation, five or six other people have read the book and they told me that they weren’t mistaken to trust me. Now they are recommending it to the others. G.B.
I finished your book on the same day, it just flew. K.B.
I finished the book not long after I took it in my hands. It flows, it’s sincere, it’s written with great care. Z.O.
I came across your book at a time when I was struggling to “find” myself, almost feeling suffocated in this respect… I read it all at once, underlining sentences. I never want to hurt books by marking them. But this time I did. I.K.
I just finished your novel which a friend of mine put into my hands saying, “I’m really impressed by this book, but I wonder if I am exaggerating, so I want to know what you think.” If I say, “I am not impressed,” it would be a lie, I am still wandering about in the story and trying to put it somewhere. I believe that I need to read it again as soon as possible… After reading it, I’ve seen the vanity in me, I’ve observed the vanity of the people around me. It was an interesting experience. I asked myself if there was a missing twin in each of us, if we all had an Artemis and a Miriam. I tried to observe and experience this and no matter how hard I attempt to explain it, words will fail me. O.M.
It is really a wonderful book. I finished it all at once. G.A.
Very very beautiful. Maybe I couldn’t decode all the symbols but I liked the plot very much. C.H.
Thank you, I will never forget The Missing Rose… G.
For a long time, I didn’t come across a book which I could finish in one night. Although I recommend this book to every young woman around me, I don’t know how much of it I would have understood if I were 18 years old. The Missing Rose is a book that I would never give away after reading it. I am sure when I read it again one day, it will give me different tastes. G.E.
Thanks again, for encouraging us to reflect… There is a Chinese Proverb, “The hand of the one who gives a rose is permeated with rose scent.” S.A.
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